The art on the shoe

Shoes – that means pumps, sandals, high-heeled sandals, ankle boots, boots, sneakers. Brand new shoes, worn shoes (but not worn-out).
Worn shoes from women, men, children und guys who never want to be an adult. In principle it’s possible to paint all kind of leather shoes, but nappa leather Is better suited to be painted than velours leather. Velours leather could be styled in form of changing the colour or brightening up the colour. Fine leather art by Rodan – that means painters of the Royal Porcellain Manufactory KPM and freelance artists. They are painting/copying your presentation and whatever you wish. Of course you can also choose from our offers. Or you can inspire your imagination in our showroom with a lot of exhibits. What ever you decide, anyhow you will get an unique piece hand painted by Rodan!