Painting on leather by Rodan – Our service:

We paint and dye

We paint on shoes, garments and accessories. We change the colour and we brighten up the colour. “From red to violet” could be your wish.
We “conjure” colours, pattern, artitstic motifs, messages, star signs, etc. Exactly to your taste on your leather objects which you like.
Of course, you can also choose from our creative repertoire. It’s a pleasure for us to advise you! By the way, it’s also possible to brighten up your leather furniture or the leather seats of your car.

Our “works of art” do live up what they promise

Painted leather by Rodan is as durable as the original colour. Don’t worry: your shoes “handpainted by Rodan” will look after a rain shower as new as before.

Our prices are not escalating they are just variable

Depending on the kind of the leather, the size of the area, the expenditure of working hours, single piece or collection. The message on your shoe, for example “Kiss me” could you get for 39,00 €. A motif of Miró on your bag and shoes maybe for 390,00 €. In every case you will get an estimated price. For sure you will have some more questions. Don’t hesitate to call our atelier and shop at Kurfürstendamm 73 in Berlin.