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What pleases is art. What pleases you!
Could it be the art of Miró, Picasso, Kandinsky, Dali or Hundertwasser?
Do you prefer spontaneous realism by the austrian painter VOKA? Or
maybe you like better comic- or grafitty-styling?
If you have made up your mind then the next pain of the choice comes.
On the shoe? Or on another of your favorite pieces made of leather?


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Painting of portraits means: portraits of people and animals will arise
on every piece made of leather, also on accessoires like covers (presupposed the area is big enough). A photo could be the basic
for the painting. But caution: instead of “I’ll have a walk with our dog”
it could be called “I’ll carry our dog on a stroll”

Star signs

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Show me which sign of the zodiac you are and I’ll tell you who has painted your shoes and your bag.
Enthusiasts of the star signs will be pleased with exclusive paintings on leather by Rodan at the Kurfürstendamm. A creative Libra meets with
an ambitious Sagittarian. What ever star sign you are, we can paint it,
on every object but of leather.

Airman & Biker

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Somebody who knows a fan of airman or biker or even is one in person
knows that leather jackets, boots and something like that are status
symbols. With the leather paintings by Rodan it could be even more artistic
expression for a special kind of sport. Smart, elegant and fast motorcycles plus the suitable outfit! Rodan’s leather painting underlines the personality.
A biker needs more! An airman too!


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Sending out messages with unusual ideas. Imagine that “Kiss me” is painted on your leather pumps. This frivolous-provocative request won’t
only attract glances. The ambiguity will remain in the memory of the observer. Talking shoes and clothes! Send your personal message or
signal by Rodan’s leather painting!

Tatoos and tribals

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All kind of portrayal of symbols, figures and geometric drawings could
be converted to “leather handpainted “ by Rodan. For example: you
would like to see your own tattoo also on your clothes, your shoes or on accessoires than you just have to get us a photo or a pattern. Just a tip:
the tattoo of your partner as a surprise on one of your leather utensil.

City and country

City, country, river, name – who did’t play this game? longing to be soon
in the city or the country of your dreams. Longing for the abroad and foreign cities? Rodan’s leather painting let you dream furthermore.
The skyline of New York on a shoe, the Tokio tower on the cover of your
umbrella or Africa on the backside of your jacket and so on. Also as a souvenir or gift!