Haute Couture at the Kurfürstendamm

For 30 years Daniel Rodan is designing fashion of leather. And as a artistic and creative result one can find more than 3500
unique pieces in his showroom at the Kurfürstendamm. “Leather is the substance of which my dreams are made”, he could have said. In his own workshop he produces “dreams in leather”. Rodan has created a lot of outfits for shows and stages – for example
for the Bee Gees, the Scorpions, Tina Turner and Yvonne Catterfield. Rodan also creates event-outfits for advertising, fairs and PR-campaigns. Rodan is visualizing media-events as the “Kirchentag” (Churches Day), the EXPO or the Football World Championship.
Rodan’s new trademark is “Leather painting – Fine Leather Art”. Once again a polished concept for exclusive and individual requests.
And for extraordinary services which is standing generally for the brand “Rodan Leather-design”.